Elizabeth Kennedy Presentation

This past Sunday, I was one of four interns that acted as dressers for the Elizabeth Kennedy presentation of its Spring 2018 collection. The presentation included twelve looks and lasted from 9am to 2pm. Each client arrived in the showroom, lined with color-coordinated racks filled with the looks not included in the show. From these racks, the client could choose any additional pieces that they want to see on a model. The show began as soon as the first guest arrived. In the back dressers, rushed to get the next girl in her outfit. For the dressers and the models, this process became pretty monotonous after about the fourth or fifth run through, but you can probably imagine that there were way more just five showings of these garments. The show overall was a success and buyers began choosing pieces for their stores the next day.

Because I was busy dressing, I was only able to take on photo. It was the Look 12 of the Vogue Photoshoot that took place the day before. 

I learned a lot about running about the difference between a presentation and a full fashion show and about the kinds of things that go into putting on an event of this kind. I can’t wait until I’m display my next collection.


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