Doneger Group

Tuesday, October 17th, I went to Doneger Group’s headquarters. I was actually pretty familiar with Doneger because Kent State Fashion School students have access to Doneger’s site through the school, and we use it when researching seasonal trends for projects.

Amelia Graj, Assistant Trend Analyst at Doneger, illustrated just how much work goes into each season’s trend forecast. Research includes travel, studying current events, and so much more. She also mentioned internship opportunities through. It was thanks to a Doneger internship that she has her current job.

Sarah Weise and Christine Coleman, both Assistant Merchandising Strategist, shared their specific job tasks. Christine also interned with Doneger and told an interesting story about meeting Abbey Doneger, the President and CEO, while waitressing in her hometown in Florida. Mr. Doneger happened to be in the office and came in during our presentation to introduce himself.

This visit showed another path that a career in fashion can take you. I think the most important takeaway, though, is you’ll never know who you’ll meet just living life. First impressions matter!!

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