All About Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented tea made from a scoby, or culture made of yeast and bacteria. This might sound pretty gross, but kombucha has been my lifesaver, nature’s benadryl.

In our body, there are bad bacteria and good bacteria. Bad bacteria feeds on sugars that we eat and when they outnumber the good bacteria, you can experience what is known as leaky gut syndrome. This can cause allergic reactions and other symptoms, such as fatigue or skin rashes. Before kombucha, I suffered from leaky gut syndrome, but drinking it regularly helps to balance my gut and promote the growth of good bacteria.

Now whenever I feel allergic symptoms coming on or need some energy, kombucha comes to the rescue. In stores, kombucha drinks can be sugary and overpriced (I recently read an article about the addictiveness of store-bought kombucha because of its high sugar content) so I recommend making your own and it’s really easy to do so! tells you everything you need to know about kombucha. Here you can find a recipe for three methods of making kombucha. I already have a scoby, which I bought on from ZenobiasGarden, so I used the first method. There are even tips on using store bought kombucha to make your own scoby.

I bought a gallon container from amazon for $20 to store my homemade kombucha with a spout for easy pouring PICTURE. A bottle of kombucha costs about $3.80 from the supermarket and about $2.99 from Sam’s Club. Now, I can have kombucha everyday for about $0.05 a serving (after the scoby purchase)! #guthealth #foodallergies #foodallergynetwork #kombucha #kombucharecipe #homemadekombucha #collegestudent


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