Kitchen Basic’ Chicken Bone Broth

I did a ton of research last year to get control over my food allergies. According to internet experts, the key was to build up my immune system. One food item that helps is bone broth, which I ate religiously in soup almost every day last summer. The results: instead of sipping Benadryl with a straw like Will Smith in Hitch, I could eat garlic, brown eggs and organic tomatoes without spontaneously combusting!

Back home we stocked up on 32 Fl. Oz Organic Pacific brand chicken bone broth from Costco. It’s made with water, chicken, onion, carrot, celery, tomato, spices, rosemary, and cider vinegar. It tastes like yellow water straight out of the carton – not that yellow has a taste but you know what I mean MEH (or bland) – but you can easily add garlic, onions, sauteed veggies and seaweed to make a tasty soup.32oz-chickenbonebroth-large

To keep up the progress during at college, I ordered Kitchen Basics’ chicken bone broth from Amazon. I decided to try it because the 8.25 oz single serving cartons were lighter and cheaper to ship to my dorm than the Pacific


Unlike Pacific Bone Broth, the Kitchen Basics broth came with a peel off seal over a small hole for a straw, sorta like a soup juice box. The twist off caps on the Pacific Bone Broth made it easier to store if I didn’t use it all in one sitting. So far, it hasn’t been issue because I’m fashionably broke and soup was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It could become a pain to store.


The Kitchen Basics Bone Broth was darker than the light yellow color of the Pacific broth. With ingredients like organic mirepoix (onion, carrots, and celery), bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper, it was better seasoned too. The consistency was slightly thicker than Pacific’s, which I liked. I had no trouble drinking it hot in a mug with a splash of coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute).

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Overall Thoughts

Kitchen Basics is not organic, which is frustrating because organic ingredients are the only way to guarantee that a product is non-GMO. That probably explains why it’s so much cheaper. My only allergy issue with it was that it contained black pepper, one of my biggest food frenemies. I only needed to drink a half a bottle of kombucha (nature’s Benadryl) to deal. But kombucha ain’t cheap either, unless you make your own.

While the Pacific brand worked well, the Kitchen Basics bone broth is LOADED with flavor. If you’re not allergic to pepper, I highly recommend it.

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