MOMA: Is Fashion Modern?

Last Tuesday, I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York to see the exhibit “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”. Well, turns out it’s really not. We’ve been wearing the same exact clothes for years…Fashion is in fact quite old. Probably the best example of this would be the basic white tee. Can you even remember a time before we wore tshirts? I definitely can’t.

Another take-away was the all the elements of black culture that I saw. From the classic Air Force One’s (I can just imagine the sneakerheads drooling), to some sports jerseys, featuring Colin Kaepernick and Michael Jordan, a zoot suit (to protest war fabric rationing), and some African-inspired pieces. My latest project on the history of black culture was in that room and that was so cool!

Even this blue and yellow spandex bodysuit that they had was not advanced as far innovation goes. Though it was more on the avant-garde side, it was still probably sewed on the same machines that we’ve been using and the fabric was probably made with the same weaving/ chemical techniques.

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