The Bromley Group

It was a pleasure meeting with some of the people behind The Bromley Group team. I was able to speak with the Vice President, R. Scott French, the Account Director, Maggie Davis, and the Media Relations Manager, Heather Stein. The Bromley Group describes itself as a “PR Family”. The 25-year-old group builds and grows fashion and lifestyle brands. The Bromley Group members act as middlemen between their clients and consumers to project the brand’s message to the appropriate audience.

This was my favorite company to visit. Public Relations (PR) is so important to a designer. PR agencies are responsible for getting your garments on celebrities, in magazines, and on TV. They help to create buzz about a brand, which potentially leads to sales. Meeting with the Bromley Group made me think about how I want to be perceived as a designer and what I want my brand to stand for.

I’m not exactly sure what I want to say as a designer, but this meeting help me get a little closer to deciding.

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