Dover Street Market

Practically invisible unless you know where to look, Dover Street Market is located at 160 Lexington Ave in a middle of a more rugged part of town. Amidst restaurants and other random non-clothing business, Rei Kawakubo’s New York branch of her popular concept store is quietly nestled. Luckily, there weren’t many people around to see my frantically searching for the store. Eventually, I walked through the gold trimmed glass doors that read “Dover Street Market.

I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful clothing that I cannot afford on a college student’s budget. Many of the items looked like unfinished projects that our professors would never accept as finished.Dover Street designers broke all of the rules. Most of them were really nice and well-made (in the traditional sense).

I traveled through the store, which had six floors, a basement, and a small cafe. Each floor offered a different layout that complemented the clothing. Comme des Garçons pieces were sprinkled throughout the store like plastic eggs on Easter. I found it interesting that Kawakubo put the emphasis on other designers’ work rather than her own. (Obviously, she’s not concerned about selling her stuff).

Hopefully, I can return one day when I afford to do more than window shop!

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