I spent my Halloween morning at ELBOWGREASE, a contemporary athletics apparel company based in Manhattan, down the street from the Kent State Studio. We talked the president, Vince Winters,  and he described his background and how the company was founded. Though he studied art in … Continue readingElbowGrease

All About Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented tea made from a scoby, or culture made of yeast and bacteria. This might sound pretty gross, but kombucha has been my lifesaver, nature’s benadryl. In our body, there are bad bacteria and good bacteria. Bad bacteria feeds on sugars that we … Continue readingAll About Kombucha

A Month in Paris

From June to July of this past summer, I had the privilege of participating in a study abroad program hosted by my school, Kent State University, in partnership with Paris American Academy. During that month, we had the choice of studying the couture techniques behind … Continue readingA Month in Paris

Doneger Group

Tuesday, October 17th, I went to Doneger Group’s headquarters. I was actually pretty familiar with Doneger because Kent State Fashion School students have access to Doneger’s site through the school, and we use it when researching seasonal trends for projects. Amelia Graj, Assistant Trend Analyst … Continue readingDoneger Group


On the tenth floor of 254 West 35th Street, there lies a magical place where you clothing designs turn into garments that “real” women (and men) can wear. This place is known as Create-a-Marker. Founded by Paul Cavazza, who grew up in the textile industry, … Continue readingCreate-a-Marker