The FIT Museum

I was able to see the exhibit at FIT’s (the Fashion Institute of Technology) Museum. My study tour group received a private tour of a their new exhibit “Expedition:Fashion from the Extreme“. The exhibit explores the history of clothing inspired by extreme weather conditions. Desert, … Continue readingThe FIT Museum

A Month in Paris

From June to July of this past summer, I had the privilege of participating in a study abroad program hosted by my school, Kent State University, in partnership with Paris American Academy. During that month, we had the choice of studying the couture techniques behind … Continue readingA Month in Paris

Doneger Group

Tuesday, October 17th, I went to Doneger Group’s headquarters. I was actually pretty familiar with Doneger because Kent State Fashion School students have access to Doneger’s site through the school, and we use it when researching seasonal trends for projects. Amelia Graj, Assistant Trend Analyst … Continue readingDoneger Group